Beard Blog #2

The first blog was quite extensive I put on what I knew about beard care. It’s basically what I’ve learned while growing my beard. There is a few obstacles when it comes to growing a beard. Especially when it comes to partners/family and sometimes work. I’m lucky enough that my job role doesn’t have any restrictions on growing a beard. So the only obstacle for me is my partner/family. They just don’t like it when it grows in too long. I get the usual comments I look unkept it looks weird etc. I’ve always had some sort of facial hair for as long as I could remember. It started off as me just being very lazy and not shaving. I’ve got sensitive and every time I shaved it would flare up. So then I just kept it short using a beard trimmer. Then again the laziness in me crept in and I stopped trimming until the nagging done my head in then I would trim again off my partner or family. (I’m not a lazy person just when it comes to shaving 😁). So now I just want to grow a full on Gandalf but that will take a while. I think the reason people sometimes don’t like it is because it does completely change your appereance. I shaved my beard off once when my daughter was asleep. When she woke up she hid from for hours or wouldn’t come near me. It took her a while to get used to it then I got told never to shave it off again. Anyway about the changes. It does change your face shape completely and some people don’t like it. The best advice I’ve read is try and compromise. So I informed my partner that I wanted to grow a Gandalf beard she just laughed at me 😂 so I grew my beard out aswell as my stache. I noticed she was wanting kisses or anything this went on for a couple of weeks until I asked her what was wrong. She informed that my stache was too long and didn’t like it when we kissed. So after a little chat I decided to keep the stache trimmed. This is what we compromised on. The next blog will be about getting a trim unless I go on and on again like this one 😂

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