Addicted to blogging

I think I’ve slightly became addicted to blogging and the blogging universe 😂. I’m on it quite a few times during the I’ve notiched I’m charging my phone at least 2-3 times a day which is quite lot.

I’m finding myself forever going through peoples blogs and finding some excellent stuff.

I’m also finding out loads and I mean loads of books by authors I’ve never heard of. So I’ve had to actually make a list so I wouldn’t forget them.

I use blogging as an outlet. I’m quite a reserved person so have lots to say but don’t say it. That’s why blogging helps I don’t seem to be frustrated as if there’s something on my mind I write it down.

I also like to comment on other bloggers posts especially when you get interact with other people it’s great.

And lastly I like to post some random things sometimes don’t think that’s going to change for a while anyway 😂

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Books Books and more Books. Yes I know another book blogger. Waiting for your story so I can be immersed in the world you've created.

11 thoughts on “Addicted to blogging

  1. Most of my blogs are basically just whatever madness is floating around in my head at the time. Do you plan yours in advance and set future publishing dates, or just write and publish them as they come to you?


    1. I used to publish them straight away then sometimes have 3-4 blogs out on the same day. Then I thought what happens when I can’t think of anything to write 😂 so now I write them then set them for a future date. I’m the same something will pop into my head and I’ve just got to write it down. I do need to start carrying a notepad with me when I do get ideas so I can write them down straight away.

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      1. I’ve been using Blogger since I was a kid so I’m more familiar with it than WordPress. But it is less socially inclined versus WordPress or at least feels that way to me. Commenting/browsing other blogs on Blogger is annoying.

        I like the ease of commenting/ socializing on WordPress than on Blogger.

        I have more views on Blogger (not including when I’m viewing it) vs. WordPress. But I’ve more conversations going through wordpress than blogger. I like interacting with people and not just the views. lol

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      2. I’m the same I like interacting with other bloggers. I never used to I used to feel nervous about doing it. As I never knew what to write. How long have you been blogging for then.


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