One of favourite past times is gaming besides reading. I remember just sitting for hours and hours playing games even before the online days. From handhelds to consoles. I think I’ve nearly had every console except for the newer generation of consoles. I currently have a PS4 and enjoy playing on varies games.

I like play and final fantasy games especially ff7 (which is the best game ever) I also enjoyed ff15 and completed it twice putting in nearly 200 hours.

I’m also a cod fanboy and not ashamed to say it. I’m not a big fan of black ops though due to the jumping 40ft in the air and sliding across the floor for miles. To be honest it’s just because I can’t shoot them when there jumping around everywhere as I’m crap 😂.

My favourite console has to be the original PlayStation can’t think of any better. When I thing of gaming thats what I think of so many memories.



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2 thoughts on “Gaming

  1. What is your favorite fame you remember from young childhood? I remember spyro, frogger, crash, and twisted metal. Twisted metal was so fun. I used to watch my dad play the original resident evil games…that was fun. I was always his watcher in any game he played….I pointed out the “bad guys.”
    My husband plays final fantasy online on the ps4, he was a little disappointed by the egg hunt yesterday. I don’t play games much anymore. However, my husband and I agreed when we are old and retired we will play WOW together. 🙂


    1. There’s so many I couldn’t pick one. I love all final fantasy games. Especially ff7 is just amazing and can’t wait for new release. I try and play when I can but reading has taken over at the moment 😂


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