How to get ARCs

I like the idea of receiving an arc then reading and doing a review on it.

I would like to know how you go about getting one. I’m not shy I would ask for one but don’t know who to ask.

Am I jumping the gun a bit? I’ve only started blogging so would anyone take me serious enough to receive an arc and blog about it or should I wait till I’m more established?

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20 thoughts on “How to get ARCs

  1. Netgalley if you don’t mind ebooks. Are you in the UK or US? Publisher’s might send you ARC’s or they might not. Various publishers have different rules and want different statistics. If you know the publisher of an upcoming book you are interested in then give it a go. Just be truthful in the contact, you are a new blogger but have been a fan of the author for many years and would love the chance to read and review their latest book for your blog.

    Worst they can say is no or you get no response, it’s nothing to stress about like some bloggers think.

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      1. Not really, publishers in any country have different rules, etc. You have to register for Netgalley and there’s a site called bookbridgr that you can register for too.

        Yeah, check out the publisher website, find the contact email and ask away. You can also ask publicists on twitter if there are copies or ask the publisher who you’d need to email to enquire about ARC’s, etc.


  2. I second going to netgalley!
    I am a beginner blogger as well and use netgalley. You can always enter to win an arc from certain authors who do gveaways or goodreads giveaways (sometimes).
    Sometimes you can ask an author or publisher you know as well. The worst that can happen is they say no.

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      1. Netgalley is for sure the place to start. Some publishers take a long time to get back with a response, others are quick.


      2. Thank you I will go and have a look on netgalley. I don’t think I’d have a chance with publishers as I don’t have a big following as of yet. I’m still going to try as you never know.

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  3. I agree with the previous comments. Netgalley is a great place to start. There’s also Edelweiss as well. Getting print arcs is much trickier. You’ll have to go onto the publisher’s website and find a contact for the arc you want to request. Make sure to include all information of your blog and statistics.


  4. I see everyone suggests netgalley. Yes, it’s cool, but here’s your other two options: first of all, put up contact info with “email for review requests” and details on what kind of books you’d accept. Some publishers are actively searching for bloggers who’d go for their book. And another: pull view data from your blog, monthly data, aka whole views you generate, your biggest post, etc and contact publishers directly. Curiosity Quills, for instance, are very kind about it. But in cases where you request – request a direct book, aka not “can you give me a book?” but a “I want this book, I have this much traffic, would you be willing to give me a reviewer’s copy?”
    (Info can sometimes be pulled by downloading it, I think wordpress allows stats to be retrieved, but otherwise a screenshot sometimes suffices)

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