Not reading quick enough or having time to read.

I like to immerse myself in a good book and let my imagination run wild.

The problem is it can take me a couple of weeks to read a book that’s 700 plus pages.

I’m not the fastest of readers but every time I do sit down to read I start to feel reallyย  tired and nearly fall asleep. Not instantly but after a few chapters.

I do sometimes read in bed before falling asleep and end up with a book/kindle hitting me in the face.

I always seem to manage my time quite well but never have a set time for reading as there’s always something to do. I can’t justify reading if something else needs to be done.

Look at me just rambling ๐Ÿ˜‚ any tips would be grateful.

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24 thoughts on “Not reading quick enough or having time to read.

  1. It’s a matter of prioritizing what is important.

    My work involves a lot of researching so I have a valid excuse to read frequently…

    I think that reading speed comes with practice. As I have been always reading something for as long as I can remember, I’ve become a fast reader.

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      1. My job involves a lot of writing too lol though I write about technical papers, math articles and other similar things. So yeah, I also have to do a lot of reading. And now, I have a blog… Oh well, this is another excuse for me to read even more ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Quick question: In what format do you read? We’re so used to things in digital format being in small, instantly consumable bites that trying to read a while book that way might be initially confusing for your brain. Take a paper book out of the library and see if that makes a difference. You might be pleasantly surprised!


  3. There’s no shame in spending longer than average to take in a book. It took me three months to read The Casual Vacancy and that was only 600 pages (admittedly, that was partly because I didn’t enjoy it, but even so). I did write a post over on my own blog about tips to read more which might help you (, but honestly, don’t sweat it too much. Everyone reads at their own pace and once you start worrying about how fast someone else reads or not keeping up with stuff, you lose your passion for the habit.

    Rebekah Gillian |

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  4. Being of WordPress is a great start. You have millions of worlds to immerse yourself in.
    But I really have no idea. Got five books sitting behind me with less than 50 pages turned, each. I suppose that I try not to feel guilty about it, so that the next time I look at a book on the shelf, I don’t hear it cussing at me for not opening it sooner.

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  5. I understand especially as the parent of a small one. What works for me is setting aside time to read. For example I read while Iโ€™m in the car line waiting on my sons school to let out, I wake up a little earlier on the weekends so I can read before the rest of my family gets up. Also using audible for audiobooks that way I can listen to books while I clean or wash clothes or even on the way to work.

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  6. That is the exact reason I love blogging now: I noticed that people weren’t reading my books in their entirety. I get endless visits to my blog site now, though. I get it: people are more inclined to read very short stories.


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