Why can’t publisher’s just give us the full game.

It pisses me off that when you go and buy a brand new game it’s never the full game. Within a couple of weeks publishers will announce that an expansion pack will be released. The game roughly costs about £40-£50 which isn’t cheap. I just wish publishers would give us the full game so we don’t have to fork out more money. Just give us the whole game like we used to get instead of different parts of the same game.

Yeah I’m just having a rant. I was going to use profanities but refrained myself from doing so 😂

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6 thoughts on “Why can’t publisher’s just give us the full game.

    1. Any game really. Ever since I’ve had my console and bought a game a few weeks later there always seems to be an expansion pack. Which just pisses me off specially when you’ve already paid quite abit for the game already. I can’t wait for God of war to come out. It looks amazing. Probably game of the year. I also just read that they are releasing Spyro the dragon in September this year.


      1. Yeah, I saw that about Spiro, never played the original. Yeah, that’s true, one of the reasons I’ve stopped buying games straight away. It’s not even rare and seems to be for most games which is annoying. It was OK when it used to be just extra stuff but now it’s stuff that should have been included in the story and for release.

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      2. You will have to get this one when it’s released I can’t wait to play it. That’s what is holding me back from buying it. As know doubt there will be expansion packs released a few months afterwards. They should charge less as your only getting half a game if that.

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  1. Yeah this really annoyed me recently about Civ 6, a PC game but there’s endless DLC for it – multiple new civs to play, a new expansion pack which costs about the same as the original game etc etc. Never mind the Sims! The amount of object packs they try to flog is insane!

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    1. It’s obvious that the companies just want to make as much money as possible from a game. I just think it’s unfair that customers pay quite abit for a game but only get a portion of the game. Then the game will be out for a week and all these DLCs get released. The Sims ia just ridiculous 😂


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