Can’t believe this has happend.

I went to check my notifications on WordPress and to my suprised this happend. I’m astonished by everyone who has clicked the like button and even just checking out my posts. I really appreciate everyone of you.

Thank you.

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38 thoughts on “Can’t believe this has happend.

      1. Wow that’s so impressive. Of you don’t mind me asking how do you have so much traffic? could you give me some advice? Because I started last October properly and still haven’t figured it out. xxx

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      2. I don’t mind at all we are all here to help each other. When I started I had literally tons of post ideas that I was posting atleast twice a day everyday. Now I’m trying not to post that much as i will run out of ideas πŸ˜‚ I use social media platforms to promote my blog and new posts as much as I can. Which helps get people atleast looking at my blog. Also interacting with other bloggers is amazing and not as scary as i thought it was going to be πŸ˜‚ just comment on other posts you like and that will get the ball rolling.

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      3. Yeah but when you comment can you just bluntly ask them to check your out? Like”Hey I really like this post of yours. Would you mind checking my blog out?” Also it often means that once they follow you, you feel compelled to follow them and then I end up following too many people and I can’t read all their posts I am already behind because I have no time to read everyone’s posts in my reader. xxx

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      4. I’m not going to lie I did used to leave a link to my blog on every comment I did, but one blogger was kind enough to tell that it wasn’t the best thing todo so I stopped doing that. I also don’t follow people that follow means I don’t feel compelled to. Like you said you end up following to many people. I only follow people whose posts I find interesting.

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      5. So but then you just find a blog on your search button you like and read one of their posts and leave a comment like the example one I gave? And just ask them to check yours out as well? But then what if they also only check yours out but not necessarily follow? Also by saying like that you checked theirs out and liked it wouldn’t they expect you to follow them? Oh by the way d you have an e-mail address? xx

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      6. I usually comment on other bloggers posts and sometimes follow them if I like there posts. It’s upto the other bloggers if they want to follow you back. Yeah I’ve got an email dress what do you need it for may I ask.

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      7. just to chat so maybe i can ask you a few things etc? So you just like ask them like “hey I really like this post. It’s “… then describe what you liked and then ” I was wondeirng if you could check mine out?” like does that work? Like as an example? xxxx

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      8. Thank you um sorry to bother you but could you give me your e-mail address? Or you can find mine and e-mail me? Also I have one more question haha umm how do you find bloggers that you like or interest you? Do you search for tags or do they come under your suggestions becaues I like writers who talk about their feelings and a bit of advice and stuff not much into the make-up things or that much lifestyle and I can’t find many that I like. Do you have any recommendations for me? xxx

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      9. I don’t feel too comfortable handing out my personal e-mail. We can just talk through here if needed. I usually search tags similiar to the things I enjoy like: books, book bloggers etc. Then click on the link to read the post and leave a like vs a comment if I enjoy reading the post.


      10. Oh right no problem I thought you might have one for your blog like mine. Sorry didn’t mean to seem rude or anything! Oh right yeah okay i kinda understand but um so would that example comment I gave kinda work? Or is it too forward as in the one in quote marks in this thread but before xx

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