J R.R. Tolkien

I’ve put off reading his books for a while as I didn’t think I was worthy. OK I’m joking I was just being a cheapskate and not buying them online. I love buying books from markets and second hand shops. There is nothing better than finding a book that has history and wonder how many people have enjoyed the book. Anyway on to the books. I was lucky enough to find the Hobbit and all 3 of the lord of the rings books altogether on the same stall. I’ve never grabbed anything so quickly and bought them straight away. I’ve seen the films and enjoyed them so much. I read the hobbit within a couple of days and the book is so much better than the film. I’m now reading the first part of lord of the rings and already enjoying it and can’t put it down. I know the next few days are just going to be full of enjoyment reading these books. The hobbit book I couldn’t put down and enjoyed it from the start. The characters are amazingly wrote and the little side notes Tolkien puts in the book are quite amusing. I’ve became a fan of Tolkien and I know I will enjoy reading the rest of his books.


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17 thoughts on “J R.R. Tolkien

  1. Have you considered joining your local library? Thousands and thousands of books are available for free! Also, you can borrow them electronically for free as well and read them on your kindle, tablet, phone, computer, etc.

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  2. loll! I didn’t used to buy 2nd hand books but I got over the ‘germy’ aspect cuz of the LOW PRICE, heheheheh😜 Especially since I usually don’t re-read books. I also sold some that I didn’t have too much attachment to, so that gave me some extra cash to spend on new ones!

    I assume that finding a book on your wishlist at a bargain store feels like finding an easter egg in a treasure hunt.

    Always wanted to read Tolkien’s work…

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    1. Definitely recommend reading Tolkiens work it’s amazing. It never bothered I just love paying for books at a cheaper price 😂 I need to swap some books that I’ve had for a while now that I won’t read them again. There’s that many books in my wishlist I can’t remember them all 😂

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      1. Loll, I don’t remember all the books on my wishlist either! Some that I really want are Illuminae, The Shadow of the Wind and Greenglass House. Half the time, buying too many at once devalues all the books but I LOVE going home with an armful of books!! 😖

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  3. Oh God yess! The Hobbit was such a great book! Same thing happened to me, I surprisingly enjoyed it more than the movie and I actually wished it would’ve been longer but I loved it anyways! I still haven’t started The Lord of the Rings (books) but I’m pretty sure sometime soon I will! I hope you get to enjoy them as much-or more-than the Hobbit!

    Happy reading!

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      1. For me, it’s reading everything else fantasy then going to JRR Tolkien,…where many elements of modern fantasy are borrowed from his work. So, gotta remind myself, “He started…most of it.” Had to remind myself similarly with I Am Legend. Elements of vampires/zombies started with that book.

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      2. They do say you learn something I didn’t know about I am Legend. I’ve only read the hobbit and the first lord of the rings. I’m just trying to space them out aslong as possible.

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