What is your reason that you pick up a book?

My reason for picking up a is the cover and title (I know never judge a book by it’s a cover) I usually do though. I never do this when I’m buying from an author that I’ve already read and no it’s going to be a good read. This only happens when I’m at a market or a book shop. I will look at the books cover/title then I would read the synopses and that usually makes my decision on whether I’m buying the particular book or not.

So what makes you buy a book eapecially if you haven’t bought a book written by the author before.

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30 thoughts on “What is your reason that you pick up a book?

      1. Sometimes book blurbs contain too much info, like movie trailers these days. I bought Hitchhiker’s Guide(the whole series in one tome) after reading the rave reviews but it was my FIRST ever book that I DNF-ed 😖 Thank god I resold it and got back most of my money, hehe!

        Reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt.


  1. I’m drawn to character-based stories so if I don’t know the author, I usually go for a genre that I’m comfortable with, usually historical fiction. There’s something about historical novels; the amount of research that is put into the creation of the setting is just amazing! Back to the point though—I generally do some kind of research into a book’s plot before purchasing it.

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      1. Yes! Sort of embarrassing but if I’ve never heard of a book, I’ll whip out my phone to open Goodreads so I can read the synopsis (even though the synopsis is already on the backside of the book) and see the rating. If it’s below 3 stars or if the GR synopsis doesn’t grab me, I probably won’t pick it up.

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      2. xD Hahahahahaha! You re-read the synopsis? It’s not embarrassing though! Just a bit cumbersome 😛 Some of the books I quite enjoyed didn’t have high ratings on GR so I take reviews there with some salt. Preferably sea salt.

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      3. That’s very true! I try not to let reviews sway me too much if the description sold me. I love researching though, and it’s so easy with the internet! Because of this, I feel slightly proud whenever I manage to pick out a book and read it without looking up any opinions 😂

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    1. Could you recommend any good historical fiction books as it’s a genre I’d like to start reading? I usually just randomly look at books I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover but I sometimes do 😂

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      1. Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse is amazing! I have a full review on my blog but TL;DR it’s an incredible mystery about a missing Jewish girl set during the Nazi’s invasion of Amsterdam. The protagonist is enlisted to help find her and consequently she gets launched into the heart of the Resistance movement. It’s a page turner for sure!! Another book I loved was Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys which is a heartbreaking story about the greatest maritime tragedy in history—also set during WW2. Both of these novels weave amazing narratives with true facts so even if the historical setting doesn’t grab you, the characters will!

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  2. If it is a book I’ve never seen before or from an author I’ve never heard of, I just read the synopsis, look at the cover and title and if that catches my interest I can only hope for the best 😂

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  3. I’m guilty of the same thing😁 Book cover first if it’s on display, title when the spine’s only shown. But synopsis is the cincher, I’ve never bought one without liking the blurb.

    Which authors’ works do you buy without looking? Mine would be Michael Grant(YA Dystopian), Claire Merle(YA Fantasy) and Agatha Christie.

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  4. Same. That’s I am drawn to pretty book covers. But I read the back/flap or read a review or two before I commit to a purchase. Then pray. But I prefer library picks when it’s new/unfamiliar author or netgalley

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  5. It’s the title that grabs my attention…and the genre. Then if my curiosity is still up, I’ll read the synopsis. But if the tirle makes me smile, like If I’d Killed When I Met Him, it’s going home with me for sure.

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  6. The synopsis is the most important part in choosing a book for me, but I definitely judge books by their covers, in part. I think everyone does, or authors wouldn’t even bother to have pretty covers for their books.

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