Sci-fi and fantasy books.

Which Sci-fi and fantasy books do I need to read. I would like to make a list of which books to read based on my favourite genre. If you could tell me which books you think I should check out then let me know in the comments section. Also if you’ve reviewed them that would be better. Just put a link in the comments book and I will check them out.

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25 thoughts on “Sci-fi and fantasy books.

  1. The Kingkiller Chronicles are great, but only 2/3 are finished, and there’s no indication Patrick Rothfuss is finishing the 3rd anytime soon (been 10 years since 2nd book I think). Mistborn books are great. Codex Alera are some of my favorites. The Belgariad (5 books) and The Mallorrean (5 books) go together and are awesome. I’ll think of more and get back to to you!

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    1. Agreed. Kingkiller Chronicles books are amazing. My favourites at the moment. Unfortunately, incomplete but still definitely a must read if you like fantasy even though is so much more than that.

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  2. I’ve spent years reading Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey, and Anne Bishop, but have been trying to read more self-published authors lately. Many have been disappointing, but I thought Scriber by Ben S. Dobson was amazing.

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  3. Reachers: Travelers of the Mainland, the first book of the Travelera of the Mainland series will be out soon. Its a creative, fast-paced novel that blends the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres in an incredible way. Follow for release dates!

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  4. For fantasy I highly recommend the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, the first book being Assassin’s Apprentice. Without giving away major plot points, it’s about a boy who is born a royal bastard and is his brought to the castle to learn how to be an assassin. However, this isn’t a book glorifying violence. The lead character Fitz faces all sorts of human emotions and conflicts. Basically, it’s a book about growing up, but it takes place in a fantasy setting. Hobb is a master at characterization. She can make you fall in love with the secondary and third characters as much as the primary character. In fact, these are characters she could write just as interesting books about. Better yet, she can introduce a character for only one or two chapters, and still intrigue the reader about them to the point you wished you could have learned more about them.

    For science fiction, I recommend Ringworld by Larry Niven. It’s a hard science fiction book about these four explorers exploring a ring that has been manufactured around a star. This ring is huge, being able to fit a billion Earths. The ring itself has mountains, rivers, oceans forests, and deserts, and lifeforms living on it. The concept is very intriguing. It’s a wonderful book, but I will say that it is is a little bit unintentionally sexist. I forgive the author though. The book was published in 1970, so I understand those attitudes were much more prevalent at that time. It’s still a great book.

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      1. Nice to meet another Farseer Fan.

        In regards to Ringworld, it’s actually one book out of many of the Known Space series. However, one doesn’t need to read those books prior to Ringworld. A lot of Niven’s Known Space books can be read individually.

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