So finally Q&A time.

i was supposed to do this post a while ago when i got 200 followers. I’ve been a bit lazy just enjoying the British weather before it disappears. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my blog I really appreciate it. I never thought I would have this many followers it’s unbelievable.

So now onto the questions. I didn’t get many but the ones I did get asked were brilliant. I will tag each person with the question they asked.


Favourite part of having a blog?

My favourite part of having a blog is that it’s my outlet. As I always post about things that I’m thinking. I’ve also discovered new bloggers (who are all awesome) and my tbr book list is getting longer by the day. Which is good but not for my bank balance haha.


What is your absolute favourite genre of book?

This is a difficult question. I wish I could choose two genres. If I had to pick one then it would have to be Fantasy with Sci-Fi a really close second.



What is one thing that will make you put a book down and not finish it?

I’ve only ever done this once the book was called Wolfblade. I did read half the book and was totally engrossed in it. Then for some reason the book just slowed down to a snails pace without any reason. I couldn’t think why this would happen. So I carried on reading it for another 10 chapters and it was just getting worse. It was quite infuriating to be honest. The book started off really well. 


Arachnid Weaver

What’s your favorite fruit snack flavor?
Would you rather eat only your least favourite food for a year or bathe in only pond water for a year?

My favourite fruit snack flavour has to be strawberry or blueberry.

This question isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be haha. I’d rather bathe in pond water for a year as I love food to much. Aslong as I can take some sort of shower gel in with me I think I wouldn’t smell to bad.


Phantom Paper

Q1. What’s your full-time job?
Q2. Got any interesting ancestry?
Q3. What’s your dream/goal job?
Q4. What got you into reading?
Q5. What genre/story/trope would you like to see more of in the book world?
Q6. One fear?


  1.    My full time job is a Support Worker. I support people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours.
  2.    I would like to say I have. I never really gone back and checked. It is something I would like to check.
  3. My dream goal would like to work for myself. I don’t know what doing though lol. Maybe my blog might take me in a new direction.
  4. Honestly it was my partner she is constantly reading. I had never read a book unless it was something to do with school. I thought I would give it a try this was about 8 years ago. I chose one of Robin Hobbs books and never put a book down since.
  5. I’m going to Fantasy as I just can’t get enough of it.
  6. My one fear is I hate being sick. I used to stress about it all the time (not as much as I do now) but it was a constant worry 24/7.


If you would like to know anything else then just ask. I will answer all questions even the random ones.

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13 thoughts on “So finally Q&A time.

  1. I promise you I’m not an M16 agent or stalker😁

    I asked so many😂 I have another, do you have dyslexia or something like that? Because I notice a bunch of typos…

    Hope I did not offend you! Fun questions though 😀 Imagine eating the SAME stuff! Like, I’m grateful for my food but that’s just torture. Humans are weird.

    Now for 183 questions for your next milestone!

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