Hello everyone hope you’re all doing well. Just a quick question, I was wondering if anybody has used Facebook for their own blog  to possibly reach a wider audience?

Please let me know what you think or would you do this in the future .


12 thoughts on “Facebook?

  1. I have one, but really you can’t reach more people via it, mostly cuz 1) FB will never give your post a priority if you have a link leading outside FB there (so if you share your post, better share it with your friends manually too); 2) FB is all about bought views, never will your full audience get news from you. it’ll be a percentage of them. the rest? pay. Fk FB, really. Do instagram (they’re also selective, but not on that broad of a scale) and twitter instead

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  2. Maybe that would work 10 years ago but now, you’d have to pay FB hefty sums to “reach” more audience.

    The algorithm for displaying posts used by Facebook is notorious for priotizing “boosted” posts. They cover this by saying that they only show posts tailored to the tastes of the users.

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    1. I’m just going to avoid fb altogether. It’s going to be pointless as I’m not paying 😂 You know for a fact that they had to put that in to cover themselves. Even though they’re all for the money (like they need it 🤣)


  3. I have all my posts go to my personal FB page! My friends and family usually enjoy reading and will even ask me what’s going on if I stop writing. I think it’s an excellent way to reach a wider audience and share your talents with the world!

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