Random facts about yourself.

1. I’m 6ft tall

2. We’ve got 4 pets 2 fish a dog and recently bought a guinea pig

3. My favourite football team is Newcastle United

4. I love tattoos. I’ve currently have a full sleeve going onto my chest. 1 on my neck 2 other pieces on my other arm 1 on my leg and also 1 on my bum.

5. I used to cycle everywhere but since passing my driving test I’ve never used my bike 😂

6. Movie night is one of my favourite days of the week (Wednesday) as we all sit on the sofa with popcorn relaxing watching a new film (movie)

That’s all I can think of at the moment as it’s 5am and my caffeine fix hasn’t kicked in yet 😂 please leave some random facts about yourself.


15 thoughts on “Random facts about yourself.

  1. Movie night sounds good! I may have to suggest a regular movie night in our house.

    Random facts about me…
    *I studied forensic science
    *I hate airports
    *I’m not good at being tidy
    *I have a huge collection of belts (and a collection of hats which I never wear!)

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  2. It’s just something to look forward to as we all just sit around eating popcorn watching a film. Forensic science sounds amazing? My partner is the same but with shoes and bags 🤣


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