Do you set goals for your blog.

Just a quick question for all of you amazing bloggers out there. Do you set goals/targets for your blog?

1. How many posts

2. Followers/comments

3. Topics for the month

4. Books to read.

As I can honestly say I don’t 🤣 I do schedule my posts. I’ve been thinking about this lately and was wondering if anyone else does set targets for their own blog.


19 thoughts on “Do you set goals for your blog.

  1. By replying, it means I’m sorting myself under the ‘amazing bloggers’ label… 😛 Kidding!

    Anyway, I don’t keep targets other than writing my weekly Tea Tuesday posts and reading 5-7 books(mostly making sure I finish all my ARCs on time).

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  2. I don’t set any goals for the same reasons that Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek mentioned. But I have been thinking of maybe trying to plan my posts, TBR reads etc a bit more. I’ve only had my blog for 1 month so for now I’ve just been winging it, but I’d like to try theme days eventually, and maybe even time my reads to match it 😀

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      1. *phew* great to hear that you’re still winging it 😀 it’s easy to start doubting yourself like “am I doing it right” etc. so thank you 🙂 xx

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  3. A few months ago I did a Blogging University course that involved setting out goals, but I forgot them in a week. My one general goal, though, is to post something at least sort of interesting 5 days a week. Having specific goals makes me paranoid and keeps me from sleeping.

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