Finally signed up to a library.

I didn’t intenionally go to the library to sign. I took my daughter to library as we usually do once a month.

My daughter likes todo some colouring in while I usually sit down and wait. Today though was different, I seen a book that I’ve wanted to read for nearly a year. So I looked at it and couldn’t believe there it was Robin Hobbs Assassins fate (I’m really read this book)

I went over and touched the book to see if it was real and ran back to the seat hoping nobody seen me. So I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure it was still there, and praying to the book gods that it was.

To my delight it was still there. So I thought to myself I better pick it up before someone else gets it. So I ran faster than Usain Bolt I grabbed the book and sat down to read it.

So now I’m thinking I’m going to have to sign up to borrow this book. I’m not going to have time to read 800+ pages in an hour. I needed to read this book and can’t wait to get stuck into it. So I thought I would sign up. It will probably save me a fortune (since borrowing books is free 😂)  the only problem now is that I don’t want to hand it back in as I have nearly all the other Robin Hobb books and this would look nice with it 🤣

Anyway if you’ve made it this far I thank you for reading my rambling 😂

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12 thoughts on “Finally signed up to a library.

  1. Have fun! You can sign up for library cards online now by the way through the Libby app…just so you don’t have to wait until the library opens again. Sorry if you already have, though the libby/overdrive app is awesome too. I use Overdrive cause I’ve been using that all along, but Libby is new.

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      1. Ahh! That I don’t know either. Good luck anyway! Are library cards free over there? There are fees at some libraries here. My old library was $50 a year, not sure what that equals to over there. But I live in the town where my new library is at so it’s free for me now.

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      2. That’s awesome!! I was in between three addresses when I started my new job at first and couldn’t get a library card for three weeks lol. But once my lease was signed I just showed it to them for my proof.

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      3. I think as our’s are free we haven’t got as many. They are always getting shut down due to lack of funding. I would happily pay a yearly fee to join the library. I bet you were straight there once it was all finalised.

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