Peaked too soon.

Yes gentleman we’ve all done it. Including you..yes you πŸ‘‹ My brain literally seems to be frazzled at the moment. Could it possibly be this glorious weather we are having here in the UK recently. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to write posts. I’ve got 39 draft posts that just need to be completed. Everytime I look at them I seem to manage to do something else 🀣 I do have todo alot of work on the house within the next few weeks so that’s going to take most of my time up. I’m still finding time to read. I’ve even tried reading 2 books at a time. I’m getting there slowly but surely 🀣 I think I’m just getting old and my brain doesn’t want to function unless I’ve had numerous amounts of coffee πŸ˜‚ I do apologise for the post it’s just me posting something so you all won’t forget about me πŸ˜‚


8 thoughts on “Peaked too soon.

  1. I had been wondering where you had gone, and sincerely hope you get back into the swing of things soon! Though I have noticed many bloggers seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth lately, but perhaps it’s just the time of the year. I often compare the year to one day. At the beginning of the year/morning, we’re ready to be productive and get a million things done. After lunch/mid-year, there’s something called a postprandial dip where energy dips and we face a lack of focus. After a nice break we are able to pick ourselves back up and finish out the day/year, but perhaps with a few tweaks to make it more manageable. Even after a nice break, I’m still stuck in the dip. I live on the edge of a desert, so I prefer to call it melting from the heat and will wait for cooler weather to kick myself to get back to work. Best of luck to you! And don’t worry; I’m sure most of us won’t forget you and those that don’t return might be stuck in a dip of their own.

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