Becoming a Dad

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Well what can I say πŸ˜€ the first words come to mine when I was with my daughter when were alone together (her Mam had gone for a wash) I was sitting in the chair looking at this beautiful fragile child (who had the hiccups) thinking Fuck!! I need to grow up and look after this little thing. During the pregnancy I never really thought about being up all night, getting sick on or changing multi coloured poops πŸ˜€ I honestly thought this would be easy when my partner was still pregnant. I think the first few days flew by as I wasΒ still on a high becoming a Dad. Then it finally settled in but we had a routine going which worked really well from the start.

I never used to drink coffee before my daughter came along but now I’m an avid drinker with anything that has caffeine in it πŸ˜‚ I’ve never been so tired but you do get used to eat. I even have the odd nap during the day when she was asleep if I was really tired. For the first few months I only ever changed nappies as my partner breast feed. It was 3/4 months after my daughter was born when I fed her for the first time. It was an amazing experience. I’ve feed babies before but it’s not that same as your own child.

Days turn into weeks then months and years. It has been difficult I’m not going to say it was easy when it wasn’t. I think it made me and my partners relationship even more stronger. Your always learning as a parent as there isn’t a parent book you get to leave with from the hospital 🀣

I think I’ve grown as a person becoming a father. It is the best job in the world. My work patterns mean I miss out on a lot but I do make up for it when I get home. I will just go into her room and watch her sleep for a few minutes just so I’ve seen her. I didn’t think I could love something so little so much. Now I’m going to be a dad again in September and can’t wait even though I’ve got abit more of an idea what to expect this time.

If you’re a parent, what advice would you give to first time parents.

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9 thoughts on “Becoming a Dad

  1. I have 2 girls, 15 months apart. I think the best advice and something most parents know. Not all kids are the same. My oldest was a great baby. Slept and ate and played. My youngest, well she cried and cried and didnt sleep very much. Colic is the worst. Just be yourself and children are the future. Strong relationship between parents will rub off on the kids. Also be better for it.

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    1. Yeah everyone I’ve spoke to have said that you never get 2 children alike. Even my partners pregnancy is completely different. It’s just over 3 weeks to go and I’m starting to feel abit nervous for her.


      1. I was nervous with our first because my wife had an issue and my oldest was 2 weeks early. They had to induce. Our 2nd was two days late. I think it’s always nerve racking. Hang in there and just do whatever you can to make your partner more comfortable. Remember, you got it easy compared to her.

        Funny thing. When my wife told me she was pregnant again, she was so upset she told me she hated me. Lol

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      2. Yeah my partner had to be induced. I thought once that was done then the baby would come straight away πŸ˜‚ I honestly don’t know how woman do it. They deserve medals for going what they go through and having to put up with us men aswell 🀣 I think my partner will go before her due date as we noticed lastnight that her belly has dropped quite considerably. So it’s on the move.


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