Nearly 400 followers.

Once I reach this amazing milestone, I think I would like todo a giveaway. One of my books from my small collection. I will give the winner a choice of three books and they can pick any one of the three books. This will be UK only. As it will cost me a fortune to send it overseasΒ πŸ˜‚ I don’t know how to set up the competition yet. I’m guessing using raffelecopter will work? I will have to figure out 🀣

This is just a little post. I hope you’re doing well.


14 thoughts on “Nearly 400 followers.

    1. I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’m literally just winging it 🀣 I’ve been very consistent with my posts. Maybes to consistent as I was starting to run out of ideas for posts 🀣 just keep at it and be interactive on other peoples posts. I like interacting with other bloggers I also sometimes get post ideas from other bloggers 🀣


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