What todo?

Lately I think I’ve been handling my depression/anxiety quite well lately. I’ve even thought about cutting down my medication for obviously if the doctor think it’s ok. I have been a bit snappy lately but I’m putting that down to tiredness. The gym for me is really helping. Working out just seems to settle me down and release so much stress. I’m not here to preach what everyone should do. This just works for me. I’ve been keeping myself busy so I haven’t been over thinking. I was stressing about my blog as I haven’t been as consistent as I used to be. I’ve nearly done 200 post since March this year. I think I should’ve just posted every other day instead of everyday like I used to. I think I was just over excited when I first began blogging. I still get excited when writing a blog post. Even this one that I’m doing now 🤣 I’m now thinking about posting a few times a week. I was going to ask if you guys or gals would like to see do any specific posts or what would you like to see me post more of?

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16 thoughts on “What todo?

  1. We’re very inconsistent with our posts. We change the schedule up on a whim often. At the beginning, we posted a LOT more. Not only was it everyday, but we had posts scheduled everyday for weeks ahead of time. Now, it’s harder to have time to write up that kind of backlog and we post less often because we’re busier, but the quality of the posts have improved significantly.

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      1. I’ve been moving from hotel to hotel to new house😁 Lots of cleaning and settling in and buying stuff for the house to do! Also, I’ve decided to not bother too much about the ARC deadlines(except tours) and simplifying my review format as they were making things unenjoyable. So much of you guys’ posts to catch up with!

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      2. Yeah I uses to get stressed about ARC deadlines but not anymore 🤣 blog tours are really fun. Sounds like you’ve been super busy. I’ve got 100s of posts to catch up on but everyone keeps posting 😂


  2. It’s normal to have one of those days where everything seems to get to you. It’s very hard living with so many people and in a conflicted world of ying and yang to be so even keeled 24/7. I practice mindfulness because it works for me. You probably have found your flow to take care of your mental, but you may fancy mindfulness if you do not know about it. It’s about being mindful of the feelings, whether good or bad and then moving on from it. Peace to you, fellow blogger and thank you for sharing your stories with us!

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