Living life instead of just passing through it.

I recently realised that the past few months I’ve actually been living life and realised how amazing it actually is. I never noticed until I was sitting down and thought what I’ve actually done this year? I could only think of a couple of things which is really bad. I’ve literally been passing and getting through life like what I can only explain having an outer body experience but it being constant or just walking around like a zombie. I’m glad to say I’m kind of back to normal (even though I hate the word normal 🖕🏼) it’s so refreshing and hard that I’ve missed out so much. It nearly got to the point where I nearly split up with my partner. Even where I didn’t give a fuck  what happend. I kind of was pushing her away. I’m glad to say I stopped being a twat and got things sorted. This is just me rambling on but really appreciate everyone who reads this.

Has anyone else experienced this before or is it just me?

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12 thoughts on “Living life instead of just passing through it.

  1. Way too often over the past 4 years. With 2 toddlers, I feel like I’m just trying to get through the day and not think about tomorrow because it’s more of the same. Then I remember I’m responsible for exposing them to as many experiences as possible and will then try to get out more. So glad you’ve managed to start living more! It’s not always easy to change things, but can really be worth it.

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    1. I’ve kind of come out of a slump. Which feels like I’ve had to drag myself out of. Yeah it’s hard but not impossible. My family have helped even though they don’t know it. I agree that you have to give your children as much life experiences as possible. They are only going to get that from their parents.

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  2. Epiphany is probably the best way to describe it. I’m happily moving forward and think it’s great. My eyes have kind of been reopened and I’ve realised what I’ve been missing.


  3. I’m in a bad place right now, but glad to see you managed to get through it befor it got worse. Its alwaus refreshing to see people happy! I’m battling with my self day in day out and wake up through the night having panick attacks. Keep doing what your doing, reading your blog helps more than you know!

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    1. Just keep your chin up and see each day as a positive. I’ve recently been writing a list down of what I need to achieve for the week. It could be anything. It gives you something to focus on. Panic attacks aren’t nice. You should speak up though as there’s quite alot of peoples just on here who are very helpful and probably going through something familiar. If you need to talk just ask away 😊


      1. I keep it as high as possible my friend. A list, I like that. I feel like it will drive me to keep busy and right now that’s what I need. I have been picking up shifts to keep busy. It’s not easy talking to people I know or love. They see me as a hard rock, some one who they can turn to. I tend to say as little as possible. On the face of things I’m as happy as can be. But deep down I’m a mess. One way or another I will get through life hopefully not just passing by but enjoying it like your self. Thanks for your time.

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      2. Sounds quite familiar. I do the same with work and I goto the gym which helps alot. Writing a list really does help. Keeps me focused on something and stops my mind from wondering.


    1. I’m the same. I sometimes work 3-4 14 hour shifts in a row. I sometimes don’t see my family for that time as I stay overnight at work. I do it as I have to. I want to keep a roof over there heads so I know that they’re going to be ok. So everytime I feel tired I think about them and it perks me up. If not coffee always helps 🤣


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