Smoking hot fairytail #repost

I won this book through a giveaway that The Bibliophagist was running through her twitter. I was the lucky one and won yay go me. I thought I’d leave a review of this book. Which everyone should go out and buy. I did give this 5/5 on Amazon and Goodreads so doing the same on here.

America’s population is slowly dying due to an epidemic, and Alexander, an ancient, immortal shaman, has medicine that can heal people. It has one small side effect-Alexander’s able to control the minds of anyone taking the drug, nicknamed “dust.”

Alexander plans to take over the country once dust is released to the general public, crushing anyone who stands in the way. He needs just a little bit more of a certain magical ingredient to make the medication work properly: fairy wings.

An intelligent, stunning fairy, Sabrina was also America’s sweetheart-until a video of a crime she was involved in surfaces, nearly destroying her. A year later, she’s finally ready to step back into the spotlight. Together with her bodyguard, Mira, a water spirit in human form, Sabrina’s prepared to start over.

Things are starting to look up until she meets Alexander in a club and goes from social outcast to tortured captive in the blink of an eye. Will she be able to escape the evil shaman and his mind-controlled slaves in time to save herself and everyone she cares about?

My review:

If you think that this book is about fairies and all things nice then your wrong but not in a bad way. You are thrown straight into the deep end of this book which is a good thing. The character build up is good as it moves along with the story nicely not jumping ahead to giveaway the story line as you don’t know what to expect. I literally couldnt put this book down from start to finish. (I’ve even told the Mrs to read it when she gets the chance to) The book is set in modern-day times and has a range of paranormal creatures who are living amongst humans.

There is four main characters in the book a fairy, vampire, mummy and a human. Yeah I know quite a different type of paranormal that wouldn’t usually go together but they make it work.

Action packed book from start to finish you wont be disappointed in this book at all. It leaves you wanting more and i cant wait to read the second book as it leaves you hanging for more. 

the charters in the book are so well written that I take my hat off to the author he’s done such a great job writing this book and look forward to his future endeavours.



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