The Girl and the Stars

I have literally just finished reading this book and knew I had to write down my thoughts. The book from start to finish had you hooked from the start (typical Mark Lawrence) I was very lucky enough to win this book from the man himself.

Anyway before I start rambling on about being a fanboy, the book starts of with a young woman called Yaz from the itcha tribe. The tribe seems to be very harsh, basically if you fall ill grow old or too weak you will be left to die alone on the ice. If that isnt bad enough then all the children have to be judged before a regulator.

if the regulator deems you unworthy you are kindly thrown into a deep dark pit never to be seen again. Only the regulator can decide who stays on top or who goes down. #SPOILER# well you probably guessed it she gets thrown down the pit as does her brother Zeen as they both arent worthy enough.

Yaz comes around and is in pure darkness looking around for her brother only to be greeted by a flesh eating demon infested gerant. Luckily for our little Yaz she is saved by other people who have been thrown down the hole. This group has named themselves the broken. This band of misfits are all people from different clans who have all been deemed unworthy and thrown down the pit. Yaz’s interaction with her new comrades starts off slowly but doesnt take long before they are saving each others lives.

So I could write on more about wor Yaz but that is going to end up in spoilers galore which is not why ypu are here for. So lets talk about the title. Obviously the girl is Yaz and the stars are little gems that are stuck in the ice and these are little nuggets of power that could be used for the good of the people or could be used for pure evil and self gain. To find out please get your hands on this book and give it a read.

This book does have some similarities to Marks other books. Yaz can touch the river which sounds exactly like the path which helps her gain powers beyond belief. I am also a big fan of the red sister series.

“even the blind have to wait and see”

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