The Bone Shard Daughter

Well where do I start with this review. You all have probably read the hype for this book. And let me tell you know that the hype is real with this book. The fact that it is a debut from the author kind of makes it a bit more special. I was lucky enough to receive the ARC and the hardback so makes it a good excuse to read it twice. Which I may have to. Now sorry for the rambling. Suppose I might as well get on with my review. Since you’re not here to see my pretty face.

The constructs are animals which can be used for a variety of things. The bone shards are used on these animals which have written commands on them. They have to do whatever is ever written on them. And only the emporer has the ability todo this. So he has spies and other constructs all over his empire to keep eyes on things.

Well here we are The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart is something not short of brilliance. This book is nothing short of masterful. What Andrea has done for her debut book is amazing. I cannot wait for the second book already to see how the series continues. Yes this book is unreal. I’m running out of words that describe this book.

The book starts off with Lin who is the emperors daughter which you may think she was lucky but her father was a bit of a sod to be honest. The emporer seems to be abusing his bone shard magic which Lin has noticed and isnt happy about it. Every year they have a celebration where children of age have there shards removed without their permission. (basically it is a piece of bone behind the ear that gets removed and its magical in away)

Lin has got her hands full trying to get certain keys of her father to unlock certain doors in the palace. Within these rooms are things that she would remember when she gets her memories back. For some reason Lin only remembers certain parts of her life. SO she goes on a quest/mission to get into as many rooms as she can with keys from her father or stealing them from her father.

The book has many characters especially written from a POV perspective. And the best character in the book is Jovi and his animal side kick Memphi whose life he saved. Jovi is a smuggler at his finest and is the best at what he does. Jovi is visiting an island where the celebration of the shard is happening. Jovi is asked to take a boy away from what is about to happen. Jovi doesnt want to smuggle children from island to island but to some unforseen circumstances to the island him and the boy make a hasty retreat on his boat and see’s what seems to be a kitten type animal in some distress and helps him. Memphi and Jovi’s relationship is amazing. Jovi doesnt realise that when he is with Memphi he starts to develop some sort of magical powers especially his strength. I cannot wait to see what is in store for these guys.

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