Star Child the age of Akra #repost




Mai is a remarkable child that has been sent on a quest by her elders to the Valley of a thousand thoughts. To hone her skills as a thought banker. So she can master the thought of others.

Mai is joined by her over protective brother who will be her chaperone and protector throughout her quest. Also with her little stowaway her little lizard Barka (who is an amazing little character to be involved in the book)

Mai is one tough courageous and feisty little lady. She takes control of any situation even though she is the youngest character in the book. Every situation they seem to face themselves in you know that Mai has got in control and will do everything in her power to get through it.

Now enough about Mai even though I could talk about her for ages. We should really talk about the star child himself. Akra appears out of no where and starts off a chain of events that Long immediately becomes suspicious of. Akra has multiple powers but can’t seem to have a control over them.

Akra joins Mai and Long on their quest to the Thousand Valleys find some answers of his own. On their journey Akra notices that there is something different about Mai but he can’t seem to put his finger on it.


The character development has been written really well, you immediately get engrossed in each of the characters development. That you want to know more about them. You actually feel you are there with these characters. I was so engrossed in this book that I finished it the same day I started reading it. It’s definitely a real page turner. You definitely get involved with the characters. Mai you’d want as a little sister (she reminds me of Nona Grey in Red Sister). Long is the annoying big brother (as we all are) I’m still unsure about Akra. I will have to read the second book to see how his character develops.

The story did have a last air bender feel to it. I was getting this vibe a lot through out the book. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the last air bender (maybe not the film)

I’d give this book a solid 4/5




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