Rise of the Reaper by Lorna Reid

Can you change fate? What would you risk in order to save the ones you love? Lovers of dark adventure, magic, and following your heart should not let this book slip away.

Can prophecy be overcome, or does striving to avoid fate merely drive you into its arms? Since the day Danny Stone’s mother vanished, dreams of dark and strange places have plagued him nightly. Though years have passed, the burning pain of her disappearance still consumes him – as does his need for answers. Then one lazy summer day, Danny and his friends Katrina, Poppy, and Russell discover their parents’ long-hidden secret – and their lives change forever.

They enter a fragmented, broken world of magic, blades, and blood in a quest for answers, but the mystery of what happened to Danny’s mother only becomes more terrifying – and yet there is hope. But there are other, bigger threats at hand, too, as evil begins to stir and the Oracle’s prophesies herald a coming darkness.

It seems that Danny’s dreams were only the beginning…

Rise of the Reaper is the first book in an exciting new YA fantasy series by British author Lorna Reid. A perilous quest, filled with magic, blades, and blood. This adventure will make your pulse quicken, even as the shadows begin to stir.

I recieved this ebook from Netgalley for an honest and unbiased review.


This books jumps straight into the action from the get go. Our character’s get thrown in to a magical new world that they haven’t been there before. There is a vast range of character’s. It can be quite confusing at first but once you get your head around them, you will be reading through this book like a bat out of hell.

Lorna’s world and character building has to be some of the best I’ve read for along time. It’s so descriptive that it will have your imagination going over time. It’s not like your typical generic fantasy world. I’m never going to look at another fantasy book again. This sets a high standard.

This book does have abit of swearing in it (so if you don’t like swearing then probably just skip those bits 😂)

If you want start a new YA series then this is the best place to start. I’d highly recommend it. I would give this book a 4.5/5 also one last thing is the cover. How amazing does it actually. It’s beautiful.


Ash Princess review.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian this is the first book in the Ash Princess trilogy. This book does have a bit of a dark side but it does have a love trian7gle which you kind of expected.

The book starts with Theo (Princess) whose kingdom was taken over when she was a child. They killed her parents and kept her as a prize slave.

She gets told what to do and when todo. Now she is starting to get frustrated with the whole thing, and when a boy now man from her past it ignites her desire to take what’s rightfully hers.

Her kingdom is shattered and her people scattered across the land. She now has the desire and push she needs from a select few and maybe Prince charming.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it as the start seemed to take off quite slowly but glad I stuck with it. The book takes you to a beautifully written world as it sounds amazing.

The writing has been really well written the author deserves a lot of praise for this book and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Also the cover looks amazing. I was really drawn to it.

Do you want to know what happens in the book? Then get yourself a copy. I got mine from Netgalley and I really appreciate it.



300 follwers wow

My 300th follow is:


Go and check them out. I can’t thankyou all enough. I started this journey not thinking I would go far with it.

I’d say blogging has now become parr of my life and I’m grateful to everyone I’ve interacted with. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all.

One very appreciative blogger THANK YOU!!



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How to decide what book to read next?

Now I never used to decide what book I was going to read next, unless I was reading the next book in a series.

I used to just randomly pick a book, read it and hopefully enjoy it 😁

The past few months I’ve been very fortunate by receiving books to review. Mainly e-books but the odd paperback. I have to read these and post a review before a set date that I’ve discussed with the person/s that sent me the book.

I’m not complaining (far from it) at the moment this just means I can’t read the books I really want to read. I will have to start reading more than one book at a time, or read quicker 😂

I’m really appreciative of anyone sending me a book to review.

Low Town: A Novel by Daniel Polansky

Set in a fantasy town which is full of drug dealers, dirty police and politics and sorcery. In this crime infested city lies a place called Low Town. A place where most people avoid as it’s ran by an evil warlord called the Warden.

The Warden uses his violent skills and streetwise knowledge to make as much money as he can. Paying of police to look the other way so nothing interferes with his running of low town.

The warden has a chequered past and there’s more to him than we first thought. The Warden starts to wonder why a number of children are being murdered through out Low Town. Even though this is quite normal. It’s how these murders are happening.

The warden now wants to find out who or what is doing this in his town. The warden walks into a dangerous game being played by powers not even he can comprehend.

I really enjoyed this book and would give it 4/5 so definitely worth a read. Especially if you like fantasy/thriller books. Daniel Polansky done a really well with this book and look forward to reading the other books in the series.

The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

I was very lucky to find this book on a market stall. I immediately seen the cover and thought I’d have alook at it. I was trying to read the description while also being pulled around from my toddler who wouldn’t keep still. Anyway I bought it plus a few others and returned home shortly after. I decided to read it straight away and so glad I did. I’m not the fasted of readers but did manage to read it quite quickly (don’t ask) 😁 from start to finish Melissa Caruso done a fantastic job of writing this book (so glad there’s a second book coming out). Not everyone had abilities but people who did have them had a rimg around their iris called a mage mark. When someone has a mage mark they aren’t allowed to be left alone they have to have someone watch over them called a falcon and wear something called a Jess which locks that person abilities until the falcon says a special phrase then they will be unleashed to use their abilities. The book concentrates on two woman one is a warlock her ability is the most dangerous and very consuming as once unleased it hard to control it. And the other is an heir to a very powerful family in the empire (think of a princess type character). The warlock hates her for a while during the book as she thinks she being controlled by the falcon. The falcon will only unleash the warlock unless she absolutely has to. So when some trouble happens the warlock just wants to be unleashed and burn everything to the ground. It does have abit of a love story in it and good balance of characters. I’m looking forward to the second book in the series which I will be purchasing as soon as its released.

The Sunshine Blogger Award.


The Rules

The guidelines for this award are straightforward.

  • Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you in the post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  • Nominate 8-11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo on your post and/or in your blog

I was nominated for this award by JBlaide. 

Please go and check out her blog it’s amazing. You will really enjoy her post’s as she has great content. Thank you again.

I do apologise for the time it has taken me to do this post. I’ve got questions to answer so here goes.

  1. What is your favourite smell?

My favourite smell is either coffee first thing in the morning or freshly cut grass.                As I have hay fever its not the best smell for me lol.

2. What of your traits do you think define you?

I would say for me it has to be stubbornness. I’m very stubborn even though I                    don’t like to admit it. I would say it does have its advantages but more of a                            disadvantage at the same time.


3. In a parallel universe, what do you do for a living?

In a parallel universe my job would be a gamer or a hacker. Mainly as I like                          anything to do with games and computers.


4. What makes you feel most confident?

Being a Father has made me more confident. I’ve got this little human to look after             and cherish and protect. Who I love to bits and would do anything for.


5. What is your favourite story?

It has to be Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.


6. Are you a reader or a viewer?

I’m definitely a reader lol.


7. What is your biggest bucket list item?

My biggest bucket list item would be to write a bucket list haha. I’m joking I would             like to parachute out of an aeroplane even though I’m not a fan of heights.


8. What is your least favourite taste?

My favourite taste has to be freshly picked strawberries from the garden (obviously           washed lol)


9. What is the happiest moment of 2018 thus far for you?

My favourite moment has to be when I found out I’m going to be a Dad again.


10. What is your favourite holiday and why?

My favourite holiday has to be my first holiday. I went to Greece for my first ever               holiday when I was 25. It was amazing even though my feet were purple by the end           of it.


11. Do people change or just circumstances?

I think people change because of circumstances.


Here are my questions for the bloggers I’m going to nominate:

My 10 bookish questions for you all:

  1. Short or long chapters?
  2. Favourite reading spot?
  3. Best bookish moment?
  4. Most books by one author?
  5. Bookshop or online?
  6. Bookmarks or page fold?
  7. Library or buy the book?
  8. Let people borrow or guard with your life?
  9. Favourite book of all time?
  10. Best book to movie adaptation?

My nominated bloggers are:

Phantom Paper


Christina Reid

Emma Rollason

Sara @ The Bibliophagist



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Kristyn (The Bibliophile Empress)




So finally Q&A time.

i was supposed to do this post a while ago when i got 200 followers. I’ve been a bit lazy just enjoying the British weather before it disappears. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my blog I really appreciate it. I never thought I would have this many followers it’s unbelievable.

So now onto the questions. I didn’t get many but the ones I did get asked were brilliant. I will tag each person with the question they asked.


Favourite part of having a blog?

My favourite part of having a blog is that it’s my outlet. As I always post about things that I’m thinking. I’ve also discovered new bloggers (who are all awesome) and my tbr book list is getting longer by the day. Which is good but not for my bank balance haha.


What is your absolute favourite genre of book?

This is a difficult question. I wish I could choose two genres. If I had to pick one then it would have to be Fantasy with Sci-Fi a really close second.



What is one thing that will make you put a book down and not finish it?

I’ve only ever done this once the book was called Wolfblade. I did read half the book and was totally engrossed in it. Then for some reason the book just slowed down to a snails pace without any reason. I couldn’t think why this would happen. So I carried on reading it for another 10 chapters and it was just getting worse. It was quite infuriating to be honest. The book started off really well. 


Arachnid Weaver

What’s your favorite fruit snack flavor?
Would you rather eat only your least favourite food for a year or bathe in only pond water for a year?

My favourite fruit snack flavour has to be strawberry or blueberry.

This question isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be haha. I’d rather bathe in pond water for a year as I love food to much. Aslong as I can take some sort of shower gel in with me I think I wouldn’t smell to bad.


Phantom Paper

Q1. What’s your full-time job?
Q2. Got any interesting ancestry?
Q3. What’s your dream/goal job?
Q4. What got you into reading?
Q5. What genre/story/trope would you like to see more of in the book world?
Q6. One fear?


  1.    My full time job is a Support Worker. I support people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours.
  2.    I would like to say I have. I never really gone back and checked. It is something I would like to check.
  3. My dream goal would like to work for myself. I don’t know what doing though lol. Maybe my blog might take me in a new direction.
  4. Honestly it was my partner she is constantly reading. I had never read a book unless it was something to do with school. I thought I would give it a try this was about 8 years ago. I chose one of Robin Hobbs books and never put a book down since.
  5. I’m going to Fantasy as I just can’t get enough of it.
  6. My one fear is I hate being sick. I used to stress about it all the time (not as much as I do now) but it was a constant worry 24/7.


If you would like to know anything else then just ask. I will answer all questions even the random ones.

Fools Errand Tawny Man Trilogy

Fools errand is the first book of the Tawny man trilogy. The book delves back into the lives of Tom/Fitz, Nighteyes (my favourite character) and the fool.

The book is set 15 years after the last book. Tom Badgerlock is living in a derelict cabin in the woods that he’s made his home with his trusty yet ageing wolf Nighteyes and his adoptive son Hap. Tom’s life seem to be settled he can do what he wants without the trivial of court life.

Tom then notices people from his past coming to his cabin more often. The fool pops in once in a while to tell Tom what is happening in the outside world. His old mentor Chade trying to force Tom to come back to the palace to take his rightful place as Prince Fitchivalry. Tom likes the company but would rather be on his own without the interferences of his past life.

Tom then gets dragged back into the royal society unwillingly as his nephew prince Dutiful heir to the throne has been kidnapped by what they believe to be a militant group called the Piebalds. Tom has to leave his simple life and again be a servant to the crown. Will Tom find his nephew? Will the people recognise that Fitz is still alive and well?

I can’t even explain how well these characters have written and the world build is amazing. Robin Hobb is a fantastic writer. I don’t know how she keeps coming out with books like this but she does especially up to a high standard.

I’d definitely recommend reading Robin Hobbs books as they’re definitely worth a read.

The book deserves a 5/5 as it’s unbelievable please read all her previous books.

Please have tissues with you when reading this book. Not that I cried while reading this 😂

Two polluted black heart romances. (The water kingdom series)


Welcome to Los Angeles—but not the LA you know. Here, humans coexist with vampires, mummies, fairies, and other nonhuman entities. Everyone’s just trying to get by for the most part—but some are having more difficulty than others.
A vampire named Cade, a fairy named Sabrina, and a mummy named Moselle are on the lam after exposing the existence of the Otherworldly Assembly, a shadowy organization of paranormal beings. The assembly has sent terrifying assassins called wraiths to exact revenge. The nonhuman trio is in for a real horror show, and they don’t know the half of it—another threat looms, and its destructive ambitions are vast.
Meanwhile, a human named Jackson is recovering from a near-death experience. Old memories and new loves flood his brain, and he’s having trouble finding an outlet for all these feelings—that’s when Sabrina the fairy catches his eye.
Two Polluted Black-Heart Romances, a fast-paced adventure filled with high stakes and unexpected twists, continues the action-packed saga that began with One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail. When unimaginable dangers threaten the planet they all share, humans and nonhumans find a common cause and must work together to prevent disaster.


I was lucky enough to recieve this book from the author himself Kevin James Breaux by email and under strict instructions not to send it to other people (which I didn’t) 😂

The cover of the book looks amazing as did the first book (I wish I had them on my shelf 😂)

The book starts off right after the first book (which is brilliant as there isn’t a gap between each book) action from the onset between every otherworldly creatures imaginable. As our plucky group seem to go their own way and do their own things they’re immediately thrown back into surviving and helping each other.

The story goes between each character as you’re following them through their own eyes. Each character is unique and have their own special abilities. Sabrina who is a fairy now has a bodyguard called Weston who is an air spirit and she is about to sign a record deal trying to live a normal life. Jackson who is human and Moselle who is a mummy are in her subbasement keeping safe. Then there is Cade who is a vampire (my favourite character) now has to go back to his family to sleep before he turns into a ghoul. I like how the book is set in modern times which is really relatable (not set hundreds of years ago as nobody can relate to that 😂) as Hollywood celebrities were being name dropped.

The background of each of the characters have been really well written (mainly in the first book) but you do discover more of their past in this book also. Which helps you understand the characters that much more. Kevin introduces new characters in this book also which didn’t come as a suprise. The new characters fit in really well and felt like they had been there from the beginning. I especially like Joe if Cade wasn’t in this book then he would’ve been my favourite character.

I’m not one who usually reads books with vampires,fairies and mummies but these books have piqued my interest. I need to discover more books like this.

I can’t recommend this book enough. If you like reading fantasy books then please pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed (obviously buy the first book 😂)

I’d give this book a 4.9/5.




I can’t thank Kevin enough for sending me this book I really do appreciate it.