Dan Brown Origion 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

Well what can I say about the man Dan Brown that hasn’t already been said. There isn’t one book that I don’t like I’m definitely a big fan. Anyway onto the book. The newest adventures of the honourable and prolific Professor Langdon. Origin is about billionaire Edmond Kisrch and about his latest discovery and world changing announcement about the origins of humankind. This discovery will literally change the world with two questions where do we come from and where are going. Then at the big announcement event which is being watched by millions online tv and live audience something goes terribly wrong for Edmund. And it’s up to Professor Langdon and his side kick to run around Spain avoiding police and even an assassin to unlock Kirsch discovery. Which is on his super computer. You need to read the book as there is a twist in the book that you would never expect to happen. I’m leaving it there before I spoil it please enjoy this book as much as I have.

Robin Hobb Fools Quest Assassins fate. 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

I’m pretty biased when it comes to Robin Hobb I’ve read all her books and love every single one of them. This book doesn’t dissapoint as it’s another great book in the fitz and fool series which are amazing charaters. If you want to start this series you need to go all the way back to assassins apprentice and if your interested in Robin’s books please go all the way back to the start as you won’t be disappointed. This book does take it’s time to get started but thats mainly on character build up. The character’s in these books have an extensive background which you need to no and helps the story move along. I’m really looking forward to the next instalment of this series and will review it as soon as I’ve read it.

Red Sister Mark Lawrence 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

My review on Red Sister by Mark Lawrence which I gave a 10/10. This book probably has one of my favourite characters in all the books I’ve read. Its a girl called Nona and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Red sister is set in an end of the world setting with polar ice caps that has reduced the liveable areas. The story is based mainly in an covenant where Nona is being trained to be a nun. Each nun has to train in magic, academic and warrior training which appeals to Nona. There is also the Path which is a connection and source of power that the nuns when fully connected to the path can use their abilities to their full advantage. You need to read this book just to see the back story behind Nona as she’s no ordinary girl. She was found by a sister literally before she was to be hung. I’m not going to say much more but highly recommend this book as Mark Lawrence done a fantastic job of writing this book and I’m looking forward to the second book in the series.

The Hobbit book review. 10/10

Yes I know that this book isn’t exactly brand new but I’ve only just finished reading it. My opinion the book is alot better than the film you don’t need to watch the film before u read this book just let your imagination run wild and enjoy. The book has you hooked from the time you start reading to finish. I didn’t want to put it down or finish reading the book. The character build is really well done also Tolkien puts in little side notes through out the book with insights to help move the story along. I did assume that there were 3 hobbit books due to them having 3 films but there isn’t even though I would’ve another two hobbit books. This book is specifically all about Bilbo Baggins going on an adventure. The way it’s written feels like your there with them. Bilbo meets elves wizards dwarves and even a dragon. So if that doesn’t get you wanting to read a book especially if you like reading fantasy books.

Robin Hobb

Well what can I say about this author except wow. I’ve read all her books and they are amazing. Especially the fitz and the fool series. They have there ups and downs but constantly keep you enticed and always wanting to read more. These books have everything. It will make you laugh and cry and even get angry at certain characters in the book. I highly recommend to read any of her books as they are amazing especially if you love reading fantasy type books. I could be on here writing pages and pages. If one thing you can do if your looking for a new series of books to read then please pick one of Robin Hobbs books.

J R.R. Tolkien

I’ve put off reading his books for a while as I didn’t think I was worthy. OK I’m joking I was just being a cheapskate and not buying them online. I love buying books from markets and second hand shops. There is nothing better than finding a book that has history and wonder how many people have enjoyed the book. Anyway on to the books. I was lucky enough to find the Hobbit and all 3 of the lord of the rings books altogether on the same stall. I’ve never grabbed anything so quickly and bought them straight away. I’ve seen the films and enjoyed them so much. I read the hobbit within a couple of days and the book is so much better than the film. I’m now reading the first part of lord of the rings and already enjoying it and can’t put it down. I know the next few days are just going to be full of enjoyment reading these books. The hobbit book I couldn’t put down and enjoyed it from the start. The characters are amazingly wrote and the little side notes Tolkien puts in the book are quite amusing. I’ve became a fan of Tolkien and I know I will enjoy reading the rest of his books.



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