One of favourite past times is gaming besides reading. I remember just sitting for hours and hours playing games even before the online days. From handhelds to consoles. I think I’ve nearly had every console except for the newer generation of consoles. I currently have a PS4 and enjoy playing on varies games. I likeContinue reading “Gaming”

Addicted to blogging

I think I’ve slightly became addicted to blogging and the blogging universe 😂. I’m on it quite a few times during the I’ve notiched I’m charging my phone at least 2-3 times a day which is quite lot. I’m finding myself forever going through peoples blogs and finding some excellent stuff. I’m also finding outContinue reading “Addicted to blogging”

Depression and anxiety

Just a small blog this time. My days this week have been like a rollercoaster. I’m neither up nor down but everything seems to be pissing me off. I’m not usually an angry person I’m quite relaxed and chilled out. I can’t pinpoint why my moods is like this. Hopefully I will snap out ofContinue reading “Depression and anxiety”

Dreaded beard trim blog #3

So the dreaded beard trim. This can be quite daunting and there’s nothing after growing your majestic face rug going to a barber and getting ruined. I’ve been there done it I can’t think of anything worse. I could’ve literally sat in the barber’s chair crying my eyes out after some one thought it wouldContinue reading “Dreaded beard trim blog #3”

Books vs E-readers

I’m literally going through this struggle right now. I love the feel and smell of a book. The cover designs and artwork in some books are amazing. Then on the other hand you can literally have hundreds of books on an e-reader. When reading in bed you don’t have to read at weird angles whenContinue reading “Books vs E-readers”

Dan Brown The Lost Symbol. #bookbloggerreviews

Professor Langdon has been summoned unexpectedly to do a speech at the U.S. Capitol building but when Langdon arrives he notices an ancient invitation. An invitation that only Langdon can follow and so the mysteries begin.   Peter Soloman not only Robert’s dear friend but also an prominent mason and billionaire has been kidnapped andContinue reading “Dan Brown The Lost Symbol. #bookbloggerreviews”

Driving test #nervous isn’t even close.

I’ve booked my driving test on the 24th of March. I’m starting the think that I’m already going to fail it. I’m hoping I pass as I can’t think of anything better . Now as the time comes closer I’m not feeling nervous. My lessons are going great and cant wait for Saturday. I’m justContinue reading “Driving test #nervous isn’t even close.”

Random frog in my garden

I went to let the dog out before I went to bed and ended up staring a frog for 20 minutes. I haven’t seen a frog since I was a child. I was wanting to run up stairs and wake my daughter up to show her I was that excited but it was late andContinue reading “Random frog in my garden”

Dan Brown Origion 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

Well what can I say about the man Dan Brown that hasn’t already been said. There isn’t one book that I don’t like I’m definitely a big fan. Anyway onto the book. The newest adventures of the honourable and prolific Professor Langdon. Origin is about billionaire Edmond Kisrch and about his latest discovery and worldContinue reading “Dan Brown Origion 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews”

Red Sister Mark Lawrence 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

My review on Red Sister by Mark Lawrence which I gave a 10/10. This book probably has one of my favourite characters in all the books I’ve read. Its a girl called Nona and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. Red sister is set in an end of the worldContinue reading “Red Sister Mark Lawrence 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews”


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