Newbie Blogger #Repost#

As a newbie blogger I’m doing this as I love talking books but have nobody else to talk to about them. I’m on here to connect with like minded people and discuss new books and read reviews on books that I wouldn’t normally read. Means by book shelf is going to be filling up quickly.Continue reading “Newbie Blogger #Repost#”

Beard Blog #4

How’s the beard coming in great I hope. Hopefully your maintainingĀ your beard yourself or going to a beard professional and getting it trimmed every other haircut. Mine is at the length now where if I goto trim it myself either I take a chunk out of and up shaving it all off or take someContinue reading “Beard Blog #4”

Tips and tricks I learned.

These are just what I used when I first started a month ago. Blog about anything and everything you’re interested in. Don’t be shy to comment on other bloggers posts especially if you like their content. Follow like-minded blogger who have the same interests as you. Interact with fellow bloggers don’t worry they don’t bite.Continue reading “Tips and tricks I learned.”

Thinking of getting a custom domain?

I know I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks but I have been thinking about getting a custom domain and website through wordpress (if their any good). I was wondering if I should give it more time and establish my blog a bit more than go ahead and do it. What is the bestContinue reading “Thinking of getting a custom domain?”

Low Town: A Novel by Daniel Polansky

Set in a fantasy town which is full of drug dealers, dirty police and politics and sorcery. In this crime infested city lies a place called Low Town. A place where most people avoid as it’s ran by an evil warlord called the Warden. The Warden uses his violent skills and streetwise knowledge to makeContinue reading “Low Town: A Novel by Daniel Polansky”


I’ve never set myself goals in life. As I think I would be to pressurized into making sure that they get done. As I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy I usually just go with the flow. I would like to set some goals for my blog but I won’t be to disheartened ifContinue reading “Goals”

Blogging inspirations.

My blogging ideas sometimes literally come out of no where and 9 times out 10 I forget to write them down as I’m busy doing something else (probably reading or blogging šŸ˜‚) I do enjoy reading other blogs and sometimes take inspirationĀ from them to create a blog. Even reading people’s comments I might get someContinue reading “Blogging inspirations.”

What is Normal

Normally, I am a quiet person who keeps to myself. After speaking to others about my insecurities and having almost everything I shared exposed to others with evil intentionsā€¦I made the wise decision to share MY TRUTH myself. In the past I believed that others would find me ā€œODDā€ and JUDGE before taking the timeĀ [ā€¦]Continue reading “What is Normal”

First contact In Her Name series Michael R Hicks #bookbloggerreviews

This is book number 1 in the series but it’s like the star wars trilogy but you don’t need read 4-5-6 before 1-2-3. If you’re interested sci fi books then I can’t recommend this series of books enough. The opening of this book is what pulled me in straight away. Literally a full on actionContinue reading “First contact In Her Name series Michael R Hicks #bookbloggerreviews”

Twitter community. #bookbloggerreviews

I’ve just opened a new account on Twitter for my blog and I’m feeling a little lonely as there’s no one on yet. I was thinking if people could put their Twitter accounts on this blog then I could follow and maybe you could follow back. Then it will be another way to keep everyoneContinue reading “Twitter community. #bookbloggerreviews”


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