Newbie Blogger #Repost#

As a newbie blogger I’m doing this as I love talking books but have nobody else to talk to about them. I’m on here to connect with like minded people and discuss new books and read reviews on books that I wouldn’t normally read. Means by book shelf is going to be filling up quickly.Continue reading “Newbie Blogger #Repost#”


Depression and anxiety. Even if it helps one person.

*sorry for the long post* I found out I had depression when I was sitting on my bathroom floor crying my eyes out wondering what my families life’s would be like if I wasn’t alive. At the time I was doing 70+ hour weeks probably be home twice a week. I hardly seen my partnerContinue reading “Depression and anxiety. Even if it helps one person.”

Trying to use reddit

I thought I’d try Reddit out to help interact with other bloggers. So I downloaded the app signed up and now my brain is frazzled ūüėā I haven’t got a clue how to use reddit. I’m looking on YouTube but the videos aren’t really helping. So could anyone of my amazing followers and bloggers helpContinue reading “Trying to use reddit”

Beard Blog #4

How’s the beard coming in great I hope. Hopefully your maintaining¬†your beard yourself or going to a beard professional and getting it trimmed every other haircut. Mine is at the length now where if I goto trim it myself either I take a chunk out of and up shaving it all off or take someContinue reading “Beard Blog #4”

Gym. To make you feel better?

So I started working out again after many off. My excuse I haven’t got one except just being a lazy so and so. So I managed to get out of bed at 5am and get to the gym for 6am. I know the first week or so you always feel great and start thinking IContinue reading “Gym. To make you feel better?”

Tips and tricks I learned.

These are just what I used when I first started a month ago. Blog about anything and everything you’re interested in. Don’t be shy to comment on other bloggers posts especially if you like their content. Follow like-minded blogger who have the same interests as you. Interact with fellow bloggers don’t worry they don’t bite.Continue reading “Tips and tricks I learned.”

Not reading quick enough or having time to read.

I like to immerse myself in a good book and let my imagination run wild. The problem is it can take me a couple of weeks to read a book that’s 700 plus pages. I’m not the fastest of readers but every time I do sit down to read I start to feel really¬† tiredContinue reading “Not reading quick enough or having time to read.”

Fools Errand by Robin Hobb

I keep thinking how can Robin Hobb put our poor Fitz through so many trials and tribulations that he keeps coming back for more. Fitz as a character has to be one of my favourites. We’ve seen him develop from a young boy into a man and has been put through his paces. If yourContinue reading “Fools Errand by Robin Hobb”

Depression and anxiety.

There is a few swear words in this.   This has probably been the hardest 3 weeks that I’ve had for a while. Everytime me and my partner talked we always ended up in a big disagreement then we wouldn’t talk for a few days. Then again we would talk the¬† argue. I always thoughtContinue reading “Depression and anxiety.”


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