Chasing black gold by Robert Stone book review.

For two decades Robert Stone made his living on the high seas. A modern-day pirate, he was a pioneer saturation oil field diver, involved in fishing, treasure-hunting and, more than anything else, smuggling, which brought him more money than he knew how to spend. Stone spent the last ten of his smuggling years in Africa,Continue reading “Chasing black gold by Robert Stone book review.”

Ash Princess review.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian this is the first book in the Ash Princess trilogy. This book does have a bit of a dark side but it does have a love trian7gle which you kind of expected. The book starts with Theo (Princess) whose kingdom was taken over when she was a child. They killedContinue reading “Ash Princess review.”

Do you set goals for your blog.

Just a quick question for all of you amazing bloggers out there. Do you set goals/targets for your blog? 1. How many posts 2. Followers/comments 3. Topics for the month 4. Books to read. As I can honestly say I don’t 🤣 I do schedule my posts. I’ve been thinking about this lately and wasContinue reading “Do you set goals for your blog.”

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Words can’t describe how good this book is, so I’m going to go with WOW!! If you like reading Sci-fi and fantasy books then this won’t disappoint. So please go and pick it up. Anyway I’m going to get on with the review instead of me rambling on how good this book actually is 😁Continue reading “The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson”

Random facts about yourself.

1. I’m 6ft tall 2. We’ve got 4 pets 2 fish a dog and recently bought a guinea pig 3. My favourite football team is Newcastle United 4. I love tattoos. I’ve currently have a full sleeve going onto my chest. 1 on my neck 2 other pieces on my other arm 1 on myContinue reading “Random facts about yourself.”

Interview with a blogger.

I was randomly thinking if anyone would like todo a blogger interview. I would like to try something different on my blog and was wondering if anyone would like todo it. I would email you a set of questions and you could send them back. Then we could maybe publish the answers on the sameContinue reading “Interview with a blogger.”

Has book blogging changed your reading habits?

Ever since I started blogging my reading habits have definitely changed. I was interested in reading but not as much as I am now. I probably had a tbr list with about 3 books 😂 now my tbr list is now beyond ridiculous 🤣 I don’t even want to count how many. I blame allContinue reading “Has book blogging changed your reading habits?”

The Sunshine Blogger Award.

The Rules The guidelines for this award are straightforward. Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you in the post and link back to their blog Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you Nominate 8-11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger AwardContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award.”

One Book.

Just another short post here just passing some time away and avoiding some house chores that I really can’t be bothered with (getting the washing in 🤣) So anyway onto the post. Do you have one book that you would save from a fire. What book would that be? Mine would be Origins by DanContinue reading “One Book.”


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