Beard Blog #4

How’s the beard coming in great I hope. Hopefully your maintaining your beard yourself or going to a beard professional and getting it trimmed every other haircut. Mine is at the length now where if I goto trim it myself either I take a chunk out of and up shaving it all off or take someContinue reading “Beard Blog #4”

Assassin’s Quest book 3 Farseer Trilogy

Fitz is still coming around from his horrendous time in Regals prison after getting tortured. Fitz now has to begin rehabilitation to remember what it’s like to be humam again after his endeavours. Under the watchful eye of his ever protective guardian Burrich. The red ship raiders have started to make their mark on theContinue reading “Assassin’s Quest book 3 Farseer Trilogy”

Assassin’s Apprentice book 1 Farseer Trilogy

This is the first book in the farseer trilogy. The books starts off with a young boy who gets dropped off at a castle due to his heritage. He’s a bastard (said in John Snows voice) 😁 a royal bastard. Fitz they call him is looked after by a farm hand named Burrich who discoversContinue reading “Assassin’s Apprentice book 1 Farseer Trilogy”

Robin Hobb Fools Quest Assassins fate. 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews

I’m pretty biased when it comes to Robin Hobb I’ve read all her books and love every single one of them. This book doesn’t dissapoint as it’s another great book in the fitz and fool series which are amazing charaters. If you want to start this series you need to go all the way backContinue reading “Robin Hobb Fools Quest Assassins fate. 10/10 #bookbloggerreviews”

Robin Hobb

Well what can I say about this author except wow. I’ve read all her books and they are amazing. Especially the fitz and the fool series. They have there ups and downs but constantly keep you enticed and always wanting to read more. These books have everything. It will make you laugh and cry andContinue reading “Robin Hobb”


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