500+ followers.

I’ve just realised I never made an appreciation post to say how thankful I am for having this many followers. I do wish I could blog more but 2 children and extra responsibilities at work are taking up most of my time. I do read alot of peoples blogs. They’re all amazing. Thanks again everyone.


Finally signed up to a library.

I didn’t intenionally go to the library to sign. I took my daughter to library as we usually do once a month.

My daughter likes todo some colouring in while I usually sit down and wait. Today though was different, I seen a book that I’ve wanted to read for nearly a year. So I looked at it and couldn’t believe there it was Robin Hobbs Assassins fate (I’m really excited.to read this book)

I went over and touched the book to see if it was real and ran back to the seat hoping nobody seen me. So I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure it was still there, and praying to the book gods that it was.

To my delight it was still there. So I thought to myself I better pick it up before someone else gets it. So I ran faster than Usain Bolt I grabbed the book and sat down to read it.

So now I’m thinking I’m going to have to sign up to borrow this book. I’m not going to have time to read 800+ pages in an hour. I needed to read this book and can’t wait to get stuck into it. So I thought I would sign up. It will probably save me a fortune (since borrowing books is free 😂)  the only problem now is that I don’t want to hand it back in as I have nearly all the other Robin Hobb books and this would look nice with it 🤣

Anyway if you’ve made it this far I thank you for reading my rambling 😂

Liebster Award

I’d like to thank Saket for this nomination. I really do appreciate it. Everyone should go and check their blog out as you won’t be disappointed.

On to the post I was asked a few questions. Which I’m going to ask my nominee’s the same questions (yes I’m just being lazy 🤣)


  • Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions you are asked.
  • Nominate few other bloggers for the award and inform them.
  • Create ten interesting questions to be answered by them.



Questions for my nominees to answer, gonna keep it short :

  • Favorite movie/TV show/anime

Armageddon/Breaking bad and Dragon ball Z

  • Favorite book

My favourite book has to be Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

  • Do you pour milk first or cereal ?

Definitely cereal first 😀

  • What’s that one thing you’ve been putting off for a really long time ?

Looking for a new job.

  • Your first name, and what would you change it to, if you wanted to

My name Graham nice to meet you all 😁 and I wouldn’t change it.

  • Link a post you liked a lot (can be your own, someone you follow or a follower’s)

I can’t think of one so here is my twitter @yesmoreblogs

  • One thing you wished you knew before you started blogging.

One thing I wish I knew was that I should’ve started it years ago.

  • The kind of pizza you order, or any other food item that you wanna make dinner out of, but you’re almost broke

Has to be a chicken kebab it’s kind of healthy 😂

  • Personal preference, car or motorbike ?

Car I’d love a motorbike but just don’t have the room for one.

  • Full moon turns you into a werewolf, yes or no ?

I can’t remember as I seem to have memory loss when it’s a full moon and all my clothes have been ripped like the hulk 😂

So here are my nominee’s


The frozen mind




Beard Blog #4

How’s the beard coming in great I hope.

Hopefully your maintaining your beard yourself or going to a beard professional and getting it trimmed every other haircut.

Mine is at the length now where if I goto trim it myself either I take a chunk out of and up shaving it all off or take some off then it looks uneven everywhere else.


I would like to do some beard product reviews soon. Just need to find a range of different products.

Thinking of getting a custom domain?

I know I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks but I have been thinking about getting a custom domain and website through wordpress (if their any good).

I was wondering if I should give it more time and establish my blog a bit more than go ahead and do it.

What is the best company to use for hosting and creating a website. I’m not that technical with building websites but can find my away around after a while.