My first tattoo experience.

At the tender age of 16 (I know to young) I went to get my first tattoo. I went with my Dad and uncle. I had been banging onto my parents about getting one. I was obsessed seeing everyone else with one.

Looking back I would’ve given myself a slap and told myself to wait. As I don’t own a time machine, I got a tribal tattoo. Which at the time fitted my arm really well. It was abit naff looking back at it and it was also tattooed upside down. There was hardly any thought process in picking my tattoo.

I had been to the shop a few times and did fall in love with this tribal tattoo. I made my mind up that I wanted that tattoo.

On the day of getting my tattoo. I went with my Dad and uncle. I took all the necessary precautions. I was well hydrated and had a good meal before going. I’m not going to save it didn’t hurt or I wasn’t nervous. I was shitting myself. I was really nervous and it didn’t help that I was getting wound up by my uncle 😂

So I’m sitting in the chair, I think the tattooist must have knew I was nervous as he talked throughout letting me know what was happening. Anyway he shaved my arm (there wasn’t much hair tbh  🤣) he put the stencil on and the gripped my arm to stretch the skin. I literally thought he was going to snap my arm in 2 as his grip was quite strong. Then the dreaded question. Are you ready? As I sat there nervously shaking my head with a bead of sweat dripping now my face that made me look like I was crying (I wasn’t 😂) he began.

Now the only way I can describe is that it feels like hot pins getting dragged around your skin. It’s not the nicest of feelings. I don’t getting the outline work done as to me it hurts more. The colouring in doesn’t hurt as much as it’s constantly moving. The best bit for me though is when they wash it down. That moment feels amazing for me 😁

I think it took about an hour and a half to completely finish. Which I thought was good for my first ever tattoo 🤣

So I paid him then left for home. With my pride sky high and my arm sore as f. We went home. (During getting tattooed my uncle fell asleep where as my Dad was constantly asking if I was ok)

I got home and everyone seemed to like it. I wish I could find a picture of it. It was terrible now looking back at it. I do have many other tattoos and depending on how well this post doe’s I might make another post with some more of my tattoos.


Going to the gym, helping my mental health issues.

I’ve been going to the gym now constantly for 3 months and feeling fantastic. I’m not having many bad days as I used to. I’m not saying that going to the gym has cured me. I’m saying that it has given me a different focus. I’m not just sitting pondering about things like I used to. Work is starting to stress me out again but I’m trying not think about it. I used to come home and bring my stress with me and sit at home like a bear with a sore tooth. Which isn’t fair on the people around me. Now as soon as I leave work I switch off and don’t think about work till my next shift. It’s starting to work but it can be hard sometimes.

I have been thinking a lot lately about coming off my medication. I did do this last time without my doctor’s consent and the effects of doing this was horrible as I just went cold turkey.

I’m not going to do this as this may just be a temporary feeling. I’m hoping this continues for the next few months then I will go and see my doctor.

I always think that I shouldn’t have to take a pill to make me happy. I do realise that they do help. Yes they aren’t going to work straight away, they do take a while to start working. I’m now thinking that if I do stop I will start having anxiety attacks which are horrible. I’ve only ever had 2 and wouldn’t wish them on anybody.

To finish this post off, I was going to ask if anyone would like to talk about anything, just send me a message on here or through my twitter.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Words can’t describe how good this book is, so I’m going to go with WOW!! If you like reading Sci-fi and fantasy books then this won’t disappoint. So please go and pick it up. Anyway I’m going to get on with the review instead of me rambling on how good this book actually is 😁

When you start reading this book it does take a few chapters to get in to it and even if you think it isn’t going anywhere then just hang on. So please don’t put it down. You won’t be disappointed. The character and world building is amazingly and beautifully written.

Then something starts happening and you’re hooked and you won’t be able to put it down. Kaladin in this book has been written really well to the point where I just wanted to read his chapters alone. The other characters do make up for it so don’t worry. They’re all individually well written and gel together really well.

The book will have you on your toes and second guessing yourself to what’s happening. As Brandon Sanderson is an amazing writer you will never guess what is going to happen next.

You will literally be up till early hours in the morning without even realising it ( but that’s what caffeine is for right?) Hopefully you will have the kindle version as this is a hefty sized book.

I would give this book 5/5 it is that good and definitely worth the read. If you’re a Sanderson fan then you already know how good it’s going to be and if not please give this book a try.

Interview with a blogger.

I was randomly thinking if anyone would like todo a blogger interview. I would like to try something different on my blog and was wondering if anyone would like todo it. I would email you a set of questions and you could send them back. Then we could maybe publish the answers on the same day. I would like to interview an author which would be great also.

Has book blogging changed your reading habits?

Ever since I started blogging my reading habits have definitely changed. I was interested in reading but not as much as I am now. I probably had a tbr list with about 3 books 😂 now my tbr list is now beyond ridiculous 🤣 I don’t even want to count how many. I blame all these awesome bloggers who’s reviews make me want to buy the books.

So has your blogging adventures changed your reading habits. Maybe even changed your personal habits.

One Book.

Just another short post here just passing some time away and avoiding some house chores that I really can’t be bothered with (getting the washing in 🤣)

So anyway onto the post.

Do you have one book that you would save from a fire. What book would that be?

Mine would be Origins by Dan Brown it’s an amazing book (not my favourite) but the fact that I got it off my daughter for my birthday. So it has more of a sentimental value than anything else.

Favourite place to read?

My favourite place to read a book is on my sofa laying down with a good book to read. Only problem is that there will be cartoons on the TV and my daughter either playing around or trying to jump on me. I don’t mind but when an Interesting part of the book is happening I need full concentration as i end up forgetting what I’ve read and end up rereading it again 😂 which I don’t mind doing.

So where’s your favourite place to read if you have one?

Gym. To make you feel better?

So I started working out again after many off. My excuse I haven’t got one except just being a lazy so and so. So I managed to get out of bed at 5am and get to the gym for 6am. I know the first week or so you always feel great and start thinking I should’ve done this ages ago etc. This is mainly just a placebo effect. Which is good as exercise is going to help you get fit and make you feel better about yourself. The thing I need help with is the food side. As I live on a tight budget and a family man who doesn’t want to cook seperate foods for everyone. It’s mainly for work where I can prepare it the night before and take it into work the next day for lunch. Has anyone got any good tips that I could try out.