I’ve never set myself goals in life. As I think I would be to pressurized into making sure that they get done. As I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy I usually just go with the flow.

I would like to set some goals for my blog but I won’t be to disheartened if it doesn’t happen.

Obviously I love interacting with fellow bloggers. So I’m going to make more of an effort to interact.

I’m thinking about creating a Facebook page (even though I’m not a fan) but think it would help get my blog out there.

I’m still going to do book reviews and also random other blogs as I’ve got an ever growing list. I just need to space them out so I don’t publish them all at the same time and run out of ideas πŸ˜‚

Obviously I’d like more followers but that will come with time unless I can bribe them with something 😁

I did also have create better content. The content you make doesn’t have to be better. It’s your blog so you can do what you want with it. Some of the blogs I follow are amazing. I’d like to write like some of them. The more blogs I read I think I’m learning how other people do their blogs and hopefully transfer that into my own blog.

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8 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I hate Facebook and wasn’t on it until I started blogging… I will say that my Facebook page hasn’t really helped me. The only thing it’s been good for is contacting authors that I’m doing recess for. That’s it. I don’t feel that it’s really helped with my viewers or followers much


    1. I can’t stand Facebook I’m going to keep of it aslong as I can. Twitter and Pinterest seem to be really helpful. Especially as you can interact with alot more bloggers and also come up with more blog ideas which is a bonus 😁 I don’t think author’s would take me seriously with only just beginning blogging.

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      1. You’d be surprised! I started reaching out to author’s who’s books I was reviewing pretty much as soon as I started blogging (I make it sound so long ago! Lol! I’ve only been blogging for 4 months now!) and many of them were VERY nice and receptive! A few of them would even post my review to their Facebook pages and Websites, which was mutually beneficial to both of us, as their viewers saw a good review of their book (I’m not saying my WRITING was good.. I mean that I gave them a good star rating. Lol!!) and I got some new viewers to my blog! Win/Win! Even only telling a few people how good someone’s book is has the potential to get these authors a few new people who will check out their book who wouldn’t have otherwise!!

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  2. These are great goals! I share my blogs privately on my facebook page with friends, but haven’t made any of those posts public. Might need to make that change. Haven’t tweeted any of them yet, but giving that thought as well. Keep posting about any successes!


  3. Just read your goals blog and I can tottally relate. Blogging almost forces your hand when it comes to joining lots of social media outlets. I just got my Facebook page up and running while refining my blog.
    I just followed and look forward to future posts.

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